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A World Above

An Exceptionally
Rare Opportunity
Atop the city’s only five-star hotel, Four Seasons Private Residences offer one-of-a-kind homes perched high above Minneapolis. With only 34 Residences, this carefully curated collection is made even more valuable by its effortless access to the Hotel’s world-class amenities, along with unparalleled Four Seasons service.
Early in the company’s history we decided to focus on redefining luxury as service, and to achieve that goal by treating others the way we would want to be treated.
Isadore Sharp
Founder and Chairman, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts
The Ultimate
Service Experience
Enjoy the same sincere, personalized, around-the-clock service that you’ve come to expect at Four Seasons properties, in the comfort of your own home. It’s a level of service that relies on character and is driven by deeds before words. It’s the doorman who knows your name, the valet who treats your vehicle as his own, the server who remembers your favorite dishes, and the barista who prepares your coffee just how you like it.
Born of the City
The design of the building, amenities and Residences are inspired by the architectural legacy of Minneapolis and the varied landscape that surrounds it. The result is an aesthetic that mirrors the Minnesotan values of honesty, integrity, character and craftsmanship. The colors and textures that give the city its unmistakable look and feel are woven into the interiors through a rich palette of woods, metals, stones and textiles.
A Place of its Own

A Bridge to Everything With a destination restaurant, and hotel bar and grill, you can dine without leaving the building—or take the Skyway directly connected to the lobby, to destinations throughout the neighborhood and beyond.